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We Searching…

The constant search for new suggestions, new products, materials and manufacturers, is for us a persistent target, in order to be in the epicenter of the latest news either according to fashion, or productive procedures.

Our presence in international exhibitions and the constant research in garment production countries, guarantee the best result.



We Design…

Let’s design your collection together. Give us your imprint, and we will add our details and experience, in order to give you the best possible outcome.

Create with us new products for the Greek market, with innovative design and high quality features.

Trust experienced professionals with knowledge, aspect and responsibility in the fashion industry.


We Produce…

We are all aware that creating a collection has its difficulties, but producing it is also a painful point with high cost that needs experienced individuals to be constantly present in all the stages of the production.

Creating proto samples, fitting samples, prosuction samples and shipping samples are necessary steps for the completion of a product.

The turnaround of a product depends on the country that takes on the production. Let’s discuss about the completion of your plans with trust, responsibility and discretion.

We create economies of scale by evolving and manufacturing products in countries and factories depending on the needs of your business.